The Ultimate Guide To Grab Best Deals On this Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018

 If you are a gamer and you are searching for some great deals on the market . then wait till Black Friday. Surely , all of you know what black Friday is . And  for those who do not know about this absolute madness . Here I am , so black Friday is the day after thanksgiving day on which a huge shopping festival takes place where retailers like Amazon , Wal-Mart , NewEgg etc. offer huge discounts  to customers. The reason might e they want to clear old stock or make way for a newer product to release. Whatever the reason is we should take this opportunity to male the burden on our wallets lighter . Now , you will be wondering when will this madness kick off. Well, black Friday will officially hit on 23 November . But due to the eagerness and competition between retailers the sails will kick off one or two weeks before official black Friday and will persist till one or two weeks after  it . So if you wan…

😍 Top 5 Reasons To Play Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is among the most popular app games in history. In 2013, its development studio, Supercell, raked in $892 million in sales, and the program can bring in up to $5.15 million per day. Here we Present you TOP 5 Reasons to Play Clash of Clans!Also Read: 50+ Latest TH10 Undefeated Bases Designs & Layouts 2017Checkout: Unlimited Free Gems, Gold , Elixir Method Hack!

Also read: 75 Best TH9 Bases Anti Everything/ All Base Designs Share this Image On Your Site<span></span></p> <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p> <strong>Please include attribution to with this graphic.</strong></p> <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p> <a href=''><img src='…

😎 50+ Latest TH10 Undefeated Bases Designs & Layouts 2017

BEST TH10 Base Layouts, TH10 War Base Designs, TH10 Hybrid Bases and TH10 Trophy Bases
Clash of clans is a strategic war based game that has gained immense popularity among gamers. But there is reason for that. It’s user-friendly control and great concept makes it what it is. Initially, the game looks bit easy and simple but as you move on into it, the difficulty level increase and the factors, that you need to focus on, increases too. You will need stealth strategies and management skills to become the most powerful for TH10 Base. And for this you will need an excellent and carefully planned base layout for your village. Upgrading to TownHall 10 unlocks many new features for you. This means you need to use them wisely and cunningly. The placement of each object effects the overall layout of the village which in turn effects the strength of your village. So, we have brought you the best base layouts and Designs for TH10, TH10 War Base, TH10 Farming base, TH10 Hybrid Bases, TH10 Trophy…

75 Best TH9 Bases Anti Everything/ All Base Designs!

Clash of clans app is a game where either you crush someone or get crushed. It is always a kill or die situation. And obviously you don’t want to get crushed and for this you want excellent strategies that make your village strong and unbeatable for your enemies. Here are some of the best 75+ TH9 base layouts , th9 war base, TH9 Farming bases , TH9 Trophy Bases and th9 Hybrid Base which will make your village a cleverly planned village. So often, people don’t prioritize their needs and then get confused while planning their strategies. This leads to poor Townhall 9 base layouts and eventually they get crushes. But if you don’t want to be one of them, we are here for you. Prioritize your needs and focus on the things that matter to you the most. Is it the town hall or the resources or being up on the board- you decide! Once you are done with that choose from the following collection of the best base layouts for TH9. Then you can easily lay out your village in an organized way that help…